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What We Believe

 We believe the best way to live as the church is to center our lives on the GOSPEL, while experiencing God together as FAMILY, and daily living a surrendered life of obedience to God's MISSION as He is restoring all things back to Himself.


At the North Canton Chapel we believe that the church is the primary place where Jesus is making all things new. And by “place” we don’t mean a location or a building, but rather “the people of God.” It is out of this faith community that we experience a sign and foretaste of what living as God’s family will be like in heaven. Jesus loves his bride, the church, so much that he died for her and is making her more beautiful day by day. We celebrate what God has been and is doing through his church. We invite you to experience that which only Jesus can offer when we give our lives fully to him. This family of believers, called the church, is a place where you can find belonging from wherever you have come.


The North Canton Chapel is a Christ-centered community that glorifies God by presenting the Gospel, so that all people will come to know Jesus as Savior, grow in their relationship with Him, and serve locally and globally.


To be a vibrant church, with a contagious faith, that makes disciples who make disciples and saturates our world with the gospel.


  •      Proclaiming God's Word
  •      Spreading the Gospel
  •      Community
  •      Serving Others
  •      Imitating Christ
  •      Missions
  •      Prayer


  • Create clear pathways of discipleship from first contact to becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ church wide starting in 2016
  • Plant / Re-Plant 3 churches within a 25 mile radius of current location by the end of 2018
  • Establish 50 Missional Communities within Stark County and the surrounding counties by the end of 2017
  • Equip and support 2 long-term missionaries and send to unreached and unengaged people groups by the end of 2018
  • Grow the worship service at our current location to at least 1,000 by the end of 2017
  • Provide diverse missional opportunities where 20% of the congregation serve either locally or globally each year beginning 2016
  • Develop our ministry team to provide leadership for each of our 2016-2018 strategic objectives beginning in 2016

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