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Healer and Authority

October 4, 2015 Speaker: Series: Gospel of Mark

Topic: Kingdom Passage: Mark 1:21–1:34

In this week's message Jim Colledge teaches from Mark chapter 1, verses 21 through 34. In the Gospel of Mark the primary theme is that we are to repent and believe the Gospel, which translated means "good news." The difference between 'good news' and 'good advice' is that the news of Jesus and his message is that he is speaking of things that have happened - true events - versus good advice or suggestions. Jesus teaches in the synagogue not as one repeating another's words but who was literally at God's side; Jesus told original stories about God! We can know these events in our head, but the beauty of the Gospel is the opportunity to let it fill our heart. We can know Jesus at a personal level - do you know Him?

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