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Jesus Centered

Commitment to centering our everyday lives on Jesus Christ through proclaiming His word, seeking God’s will through prayer, and imitating Christ in every word we speak, thought we think, and action we take.

Family Focused

Commitment to viewing those around us as made in the image of God who Jesus has come to redeem and re-create and we see others not through the labels of the world, the cliques of our schools but through the lens of the Gospel as lost and found Children of God

Servant Hearted

Commitment to identifying as servants to those in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, state, country, and the ends of the earth. From the slums of India to the coffee table of the local Starbucks we serve and give selflessly because of Christ

Kingdom Minded

Commitment to placing Christ first and seeing God glorified through everything we do - from the test we take to the baskets scored to the college we attend, we seek His Kingdom first and foremost instead of building out own kingdoms


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